Talk: Hack Your Journal Article

It was an honour to be invited to the Melbourne Research Bazaar 2017 to run a session on how to hack your journal article (with thanks to Kim Doyle for the title!).

Talking through the how of publication is one of my favourite things (well, not ‘favourite’ of the same type as, say, cheese, or a really nice gin), because it’s often assumed that graduate students and early career researchers will somehow imbibe the ability to publish through the articles they read. We Need to Talk About Publication, in other words.

I’ve long been a bit loath to do one-off sessions, however – and I still am. What I’ve learnt in running publication workshops over the past three years is that most PhD students want to write a journal article, but not so many actually want to write a journal article. Everyone leaves a one-off with great intentions … but it doesn’t take long for the energy to drain away and that part-written piece to be consigned to a forgotten folder somewhere in dropbox. Which brings me to the conclusion of my ResBaz session: it’s not just about hacking your journal article; it’s very much about hacking yourselfHow – concretely – will you write that article to done?