Mr India (1987)

Mr India poster

Who is Mr India? Anil Kapoor in a bucket hat, that’s who.

I really want to write a fulsome review of this crazed barrage of 80s Bollywood … and yet I feel barely up to the task. How can I, a mere mortal, find adequate words for Mogambo? How can I explain that Anil Kapoor wears a watch that turns him invisible? And that Sridevi falls in love with invisible him? And that he collects orphans, waking them up in the morning with cold water taps attached to their bunk beds? And that if somebody doesn’t stop Mogambo he’s a-gonna blow up Indiiiiiiiaaaaaa?

Basically, it’s Oliver Twist meets Thunderbirds.

Amrish Puri is Mogambo. Because when there’s call for a bad guy with crazy eyes, a penchant for military uniforms and his finger on the trigger, only the baddest of bad guy actors will do.

Anil Kapoor is an all-round nice guy. And armed with his amazing invisible-ising timepiece, he’s Mr India. If anyone can take on Amrish Puri, it’s the common man!

Sridevi is Miss Hawa Hawai. She’s also Charlie Chaplin. And in love with an invisible man in a bucket hat (note the convenient placement of a hay bale for classic Bollywood heroine romantic writhe). In many places, she’d be sectioned, but compared to Mogambo, she’s totally normal.

It all ends well … except for Tina (poor Tina), and for Mogambo (because baddies deserve their comeuppance).

Anil and Sridevi went on to live happily ever after … or until they flopped in Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja.