Journal Article Winter Workshop

typewriterAmong early career researchers the big, fat question is publications … and the typical answer is a melancholic “not enough”. But (at least, not in my education) we’re rarely taught how to write a publishable article. A bit like anthropological fieldwork, it’s often just expected to somehow happen.

Earlier this year I worked with a student friend to pilot a group to help PhD students in the humanities and social sciences schlep through an article. As those first soon-to-be authors reach their final full stop, I’m excited to be convening a new workshop for Semester 2.

The Journal Article Winter Workshop will start up on the 4th of August and run through the semester. It’s an opportunity for students and researchers who haven’t published before to dedicate some time to taking an article hope through to tangible completion, with guidance and feedback along the way. I’ll be inviting some senior scholars to talk about their own publication experiences (with plenty of hints and tips) as well as providing support, celebration, commiseration … and the motivation of a looming deadline.

I’m currently taking applications – and interested Melbournians can pop over to the application form.