Curriculum Design Lab: Connecting capstones

December has got off to a holiday-ish start for the Curriculum Design Lab crew. Myself, Maxx Schmitz, Kay Are, Mitch Goodwin, and Wajeehah Aayeshah have all been off to Adelaide – a relaxing spot for a research roundtable (even if we Melburnians played our favourite sport of “Where’s the good coffee, then?”).

We’re all excited to be contributing to a book project, masterminded by the rather great Ruth Bridgstock. Ruth’s work on graduate employability and connectedness learning is inspiring – and important – stuff. It asks us to think about universities beyond the content we teach, and to imagine new ways we might help our students pack a backpack for their travels in life beyond our walls.

We’ve been up to a lot of this kind of imagining in the CDL, and the chapter we’re writing for Ruth’s book is specifically about our ambitions for BA capstones. Since capstones are intended as the culminating experience in a degree, they have the unique role of looking back over learning and forward to new steps. In other words: connection!

The book is not due out until 2019 (the slow, slow processes of academic publishing!) so it’s not one for this year’s Christmas stockings, but stay tuned as drafts unfold.


Image credit: tiles | geometric pattern by Geoff on flickr