Curriculum Design Lab at the BA Conference 2017

Myself and two other members of the Curriculum Design Lab headed off to sunny Brisbane last week. We weren’t there to sunbathe – but to take part in Australia’s first ever conference on the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Though there was plenty of representation from Australian universities, the conference was international, too. I caught up with old friends from my days working at the University of Auckland, and made new friends from the New Zealand contingent. There were also folks from as far away as UBC, Witwatersrand, and, um, La Trobe (it’s in Zone 2!).

The CDL contributed two papers. Mitch presented on the curious world of the academic ‘third space’ (Dr Who did not appear). Wajeehah offered a first step in what will be come a bigger-than-the-both-of-us project on capstones in the humanities and social sciences. In between, we kept the Melbourne side up by complaining about the heat, and the coffee.

Coffee aside, three cheers for Deanne Gannaway and her super student team – and may they get another burst of energy to do it all again next year.

Image credit: Queensland Places / Centre for the Government of Queensland