ASAANZ & AAS 2014: Cosmopolitanism in the Classroom

I’ve not long been back from an adventuresome week across the Tasman in Queenstown. When I say ‘adventuresome’ I mean that I spent most of it in a conference venue wearing a name tag. And drinking instant coffee from an urn.

The Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand (of which I’m a proud member) and Australian Anthropological Society enjoyed a rare joint conference this year, tackling the theme of cosmopolitanism. Definitions popped up, criticisms nudged us, questions were phrased both delicately and otherwise, and timers anxiously clutched their ‘1 minute’ signs.

My contribution was alongside my fabulous colleagues Jackie Dutton and Tammy Kohn. In our paper, we pondered the idea and ideal of a cosmopolitan pedagogy. Perhaps, we argued, cosmopolitanism can inform a process that we (those of us who teach in and around anthropology) embark upon with our students.

I also got to have a moment in the conference limelight as the recipient of the 2014 AAS Best Thesis Prize for my doctoral work. Thanks very much, AAS!